Page Rank is Dead Today

We don’t have any actual confirmation, so page rank may actually be very much alive, but for the past few hours Google Toolbar Page Rank hasn’t been showing. There have been talks on forums and in social media, so it is confirmed that no one can see the toolbar PR. What is this about, is PR really dead, is it a mix up at Google or perhaps a part of a newer update we will see.

pagerank is dead

One of the options that crossed our mind is the fact that Google’s exclusivity to Page Rank patent expires this year, so other companies can use Stanford’s patent as their own. Basically, algorithm behind page rank will soon be available to interested parties. Also, the patent is set to expire in 2017 completely.

Their PR algorithm has changed a lot over the years, and the last two years the updates haven’t been as steady as they used to be. There is a possibility that they were working on a new Page rank formula that they will launch soon. One of the possibilities is that Google will upgrade Page Rank to the new and more powerful pregel framework[1]. The reason we are thinking about this is simple, Google hasn’t made an official announcement,  they didn’t retrieve or issued any statement regarding toolbar PR addons and that they are worthless. So even though we can’t see page rank right now, there is a high possibility that it’s either an update or a new PR implementation that is causing the issue. Of course, there is also a chance of an error, we all make them and Google is no exception.

There is already a questions directed at Google regarding the disappearance of Page Rank[2] and we are all waiting for a response.

Update: Well, like we though the PR is not dead yet, the first one to caught what was going on was David Naylor, as you can see in his post[3] Google just changed the page rank URL which 3rd party apps and tools will have to update. Obviously more people caught that as you can see in the Google webmasters help thread we mentioned. The difference is:

Old URL:

New ULR:




1. – Relationships in Large-Scale Graph Computing



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