Online Video Production & Marketing

Join Dan Petrovic and special guests Chris Lang, Ronnie Bincer, Mark Robertson, Todd Hartley, Robert Moorman where the topic for discussion is all about the production and marketing of video online. We’ll also ask the hangout participants to share their tips and experiences. This is a practical session with screen sharing and live actionable tips.

Discussion Items / Notes:

  • YouTube
    • Creator / Partner – Same? Difference?
    • Best monetization strategies?
    • Best promotion strategies? (internal)
    • Channel setup tips
    • Community interaction
      • Likes
      • Subscribing / Friends
      • Direct messaging
      • Video responses
      • Comments
        • Videos
        • Channels
    • Playlist Tips
    • Scheduling Videos
    • Hangout Integration
  • Running Hangouts
    • Setup
      • Hardware (lights, cameras)
      • Marketing material and media
      • Event page
        • Options
        • Tips
    • Promotion / marketing the hangout
      • Inviting participants
      • Sharing event page
      • Off-Google+ activities
        • Email
        • Other platforms
    • Hangouts on Air
      • Tips
      • Preparation
      • During
      • After
  • Wow us. Show us something really cool you think we didn’t know.

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