How Mobile Influences Our Habits Online

How Mobile Influences Our Habits Online

The true value of what mobile technology has offered consumers and marketers has perhaps not been recognised until recently. For the first time ever, there are more than one billion smartphones currently on the market. Don’t underestimate what this figure means – the rise of mobile technology has doubled our time spent online in the last few years.

What have we been doing with all of those added minutes? Chances are, we’ve been checking Facebook. Social media is the number one online activity Australians dedicate time to – 6 minutes and 30 seconds in every hour or more than 10% of our time online. Facebook is doing well from this, reporting 41% of its advertising revenues are coming from mobile. The 81% of small to medium sized businesses who are on social media should be confident knowing that mobile ads have been proven to:

  • Aid awareness
  • Increase brand favourability
  • Increase likelihood to recommend
  • Increase purchasing intent


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