One Domain & Multiple Geo Targets

Google Webmaster allows site owners to target their site with geo-location. However, many site owners wonder if they can target their site for different locations. Fortunately, it is possible to use Google Webmaster to target the same site for multiple geo-locations.

Sub-domains or sub-folders

You can create sub-domains within your main domain and treat them like individual sites. Google Webmaster will allow you to assign a specific geo-location to each sub-domain or sub-folder. However, some people don’t prefer to use this method of multiple geo-location targeting. There is one more way to assign different targeting to the same site.

Different domain extensions

You can use different extensions for the same domain name. For example, your main domain can end in .com and your other domain extensions can be .uk and .au. This alone allows you to target three different countries. However, you will have to put in extra work to make duplicate sites.


As of right now, these are the only two methods that will allow you to assign different geo-location targets to the same site. Perhaps in the near future, Google Webmaster will allow you to select multiple countries for geo-location within the same top-level domain name.

Note: When we tried to set a sub-folder of Dejan SEO to target UK we still couldn’t do this as suggested in the video due to .au domain which overrides the rule. See the example below.

Dejan SEO UK in Google Webmaster Tools


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