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Ten Reasons Old Spice Videos Absolutely Nailed It

Old Spice, the legendary cologne maker, has released a new ad campaign complete with sexy bodies, witty quips, lots of visual humor, and one central message that pervades each commercial. They have scored a major hit! Here are the top ten things Old Spice did right in their Manmercials, as they call them.

  • They drive home one winning message throughout each spot: You (or your man) will smell better, be more masculine, more appealing in every way, a more complete MAN! They present a desirable image and connect their product to it.
  • Old Spice features hot models, including one very sexy gal any man would like to cozy up to, and sex always sells. Always.
  • The handsome packaging is nicely displayed. It sports eye-catching color, appealing graphics, and resembles in some spots, a large can of beer. Is it simply coincidence? No way! Packaging professionals have a purpose for every detail.
  • The writing in these Manmercials is hilarious. There’s a great mix of witty slogans like “the man your man could smell like,” and laugh out loud absurdities such as, “I’m riding a horse.” Humor opens viewers up to the message being delivered, without having to shove it down anyone’s throat.
  • The appeal to women is right on target, presenting a vision to them of the perfect man. Women often choose the stuff their men put on.
  • “Anti-men” like the wimpy product tester and the “dumb” chain saw carver communicate, “These men DO NOT wear Old Spice. Don’t be like them!”
  • Variety is the Old Spice of life, you might say, and offering 12 different scents tells the audience they have choices, and are sure to find one they, or the chicks, will love.
  • These ads rip the competition in a devastatingly funny way, broad-brushing all other products as “lady scented body wash.” Ouch!
  • Men are visually oriented, and each commercial offers great images, many of which are enhanced because they catch you off guard – the ski jumper crashing through the tree, the third arm coming out to demolish the concrete slabs, the dude’s arm being torn off.
  • Old Spice reaches out to a wide demographic swath with these ads: men/women, African American/white, sports lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, the more sophisticated among us. They did their homework and it shows.

All told, they reflect masterful marketing work by the ad crafters for Old Spice!

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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