Niantic Project

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  1. shapers, like any other parasite always seek new hosts in order to expand their kingdom. there’s one law you can hang your hat on, everywhere. every form of life wants to thrive
  2. this led to a disturbing period. Was I a plagiarist but if so from whom? where did my ideas come from? where did anybody’s ideas come from?
  3. I am not qualified to testify about Shaper Theory but I know that some places are special. Great Cities are nearly always founded on places that are strong with a certain type of XM.
  4. what if they are already among us, but we don’t realize it, because we don’t think of them as life forms at all? And the key word here is “think”. A thought virus
  5. every operation reaches a risk-assessment stage, at this point, my determination is that Niantic is causing more trouble than it is worth.

Niantic Project

Image Clue: Le Palais de l’Equilibre, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

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