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Social media is used across the globe by millions of people all interconnected and sharing data with each other. Whilst social media is on the rise, companies are always trying to find out what is the best way to draw attention to their programs and software to attract more people and gain attention to their products. Social media is very much the future of advertising and Cascade, a product being developed by the New York Times [1], is a program that helps to analyze social media activity to provide better results and technical information through technical analysis and statistics.

Cascade functions by taking details and data provided by tweets that relate to links or titles from New York Times articles in order to create a visual representation of how data is spread between people. By using this system Cascade is able to demonstrate exactly what authors of articles are having a large amount of interaction with their articles and how they can improve or increase that interaction. Cascade is a tool that allows the New York Times to provide better information by analyzing what articles people enjoy the most and are interacting with the most. It is in this way that Cascade is a very important project that helps to forward how social media is looked at and used.

There is a great amount of importance attached to the project as it can possibly be applied to other social media programs and platforms and thus could be a great tool for companies and people to monitor behavior on social networks and provide better quality material for people to interact with. Cascade allows for social media to be taken to the next level and streamlined in a sense through its analytic view of social media. Companies are always looking for the next best way to advertise their products and a program in which helps to connect and interact with social media users such as Cascade is the perfect opportunity for businesses to embrace an ability to become even more connected.

Cascade is a wonderful and innovative social program created by the New York Times that embraces twitter and social media in order to present a very graphical view of interaction and activity. It is research such as that done by the New York Times team that sets the standard for the future of social media and allows companies to becomes even more advanced in their research and connectivity.



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