New Search Engine “Realtime” by

Famous URL shortener Bitly has announced the release of their very own search engine called Realtime.

Bitly-Stats realtime

The new search engine is experimental, Bitly announced on their blog:

“You can expect frequent updates, changes, and entirely new things to appear under this label.

Realtime is an attention ranking engine, offering the power to navigate through the stories that the world is paying attention to right now.”

Attention ranking engine, sounds great. The first thing you will notice is that it in order to use it you need to authorize the search engine to use your bitly account and after that you are on the waiting list.

 realtime a bitly labs experiment

Once that is done there is a new world of social media real time results and insight into trending topics from several social networks including Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Tumblr. You can arrange your searches by topic, query, location, language or domain. Also, you can see what is currently trending on each of the social media Bitly covers.




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