New Filtering and Custom Variable Options for eCommerce sites

Goggle Analytics New Filtering

Google Analytics brought on a new update to their tracking code, this one will improve the filtering and custom variables for ecommerce sites. The change is intended to help ecommerce webmasters to: “better filter, segment and categorize the revenue generating portion of your traffic.”

Other changes that come with this update include expanded filters that support page title, hostname, request URL & internal search term.

In the post published at Google Analytics blog they gave an example:

“Say you are tracking and In order to analyze store traffic separately you have created a duplicate profile with a filter that includes traffic to only. Currently, ecommerce reports would include data across both and which is not working as expected. Following this change, ecommerce reports would respect the filter to only include data from which we believe is the correct behavior. “

Make sure that you go over your settings once the update is released on Friday as any profile filters for page level data you have setup may not be seen, as the data is only included for the subset of your traffic you’re filtering for.



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