New Design Options for Google+ Badges

We were waiting a fairly long time to have Google+ pages, there were quite a few disgruntled fellows regarding removal of brand name profiles before the implementation of pages, no one can blame them. After a while we got official badges for pages and our profiles that we could place on our sites, and they are quite good, interactive, help logged in users to place your pages or profiles in their circles directly from your website or +1 your page.

google+dark badge

Google now announced new design options for Google+ Badges[1]. These changes are not yet live, only available to developers, but will be made live to general public in a few days, so what are the changes? There aren’t many, first off there is an option to have a dark badge, black in fact, that will work better with darker designs.

Second change is that you can customize the width of the badge to better fit your website style and design. And the third change is one I like very much, and that is unified count for people who +1’d your page and of those who’ve added you in their circles. Before and at this moment you can only see how many people added your page to their circles, the +1 count can only be seen on the page. But now the two numbers are unified, so instead of seeing 50 people in your circles and 500 +1’s on the page, you will see +550 on the badge, nice mass effect if you ask me.

If you want to experiment with the new Google+ badge or any other new functions before they go live to the public you can join Google+ developers group[2]. If you have a developer account you can test the new function[3], and if you want to learn about all the possibilities of Google+ badges you can read this developer guide[4].






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