New +1 Button

New +1 Button

Google+ Developers Team has announced that the new +1 button design is to be rolled out to all users today.

In a recent article we explain Google’s new attitude towards product development and launch, which is now a lot more relaxed and experimental to what some might expect from such as big company. The idea is to develop rapidly and try things out in the field. Re-design of Google+ brand and +1 buttons is one of those things. Many webmasters seem to prefer the old design and find red to be too much of a negative colour (e.g. reporting spam, alerts, stop etc). However there are no hints that Google might change their mind on this, much like with the disputed black navigation bar at the top of Google.

This is how new +1 button will look like in the context of other sharing social icons (with shares and without shares):



The button to be used on your website can be customised so remember to visit the +1 button tool to configure yours:


The exact states of the button on Google+ are:

Off, Off-Down, Off-Hover, On, On-Hover & Rollback Animation



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