Model large-scale bid changes with campaign bid simulator

Model large-scale bid changes with campaign bid simulator

Campaign bid simulator allows you to do the following:

  • View bid changes in aggregate and model changes – even if keywords or ad groups don’t have enough data on their own.
  • See what might happen if all your bids are either increased or decreased by a certain percentage (for example 10%).
  • Find out if you should increase your campaign budget in order to make sure it does not get limited by budget at the new bid value.
  • Test what would happen if you changed all the bids in your campaign to a single value.
  • Download bid-simulation data at either account or campaign level.
  • Download AdWords Editor-compatible file with bid amounts at the simulated level, including the ad groups and keywords to which they should be applied.

To access campaign bid simulator, go to the Opportunities tab and select “campaign bid simulator”


When Bid-Simulator was originally launched by Google in 2009, it was designed to make it easier for users to understand the impact of bids on your advertising results.  So far, Bid-Simulator could be accessed at the keyword and ad group level.

In order to facilitate and apply bid changes at a larger scale, Google have launched campaign bid simulator.



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