Mobile SEO is Local SEO

The number of mobile internet users is increasing each year with great speed, so it is easy to figure out that the search traffic trends over mobile devices have increased as well. Since more and more people are using smart phones there is little need to create mobile versions of the site and to optimise them, although we would advice that you do so. But with smart phones and their capabilities internet mobile usage has gone through the roof, so why lose on that traffic. And best of all, why lose on the local traffic you are so eager to get?

Mobile SEO has many hidden meanings, one of which is the fact that a great number of mobile users are searching only local. The first thing you need to do is start monitoring your mobile visits and trends via Google Analytics. If you haven’t done so already now is the time to start, here is how:

1.      Log into your Google Analytics account and select your website

2.      In the left panel you will see a link titled “Advanced Segments” click on it

3.      You will land on a new page where you can create a new segment, do so by clicking on the “create new custom segment” link in the upper right corner

4.      On the new page either type mobile in the search box, or open “visitors” drop down and select mobile. Drag and drop in the field “dimension or metric”

5.      Name your segment how you want, you can name it mobile or anything you like and then click “Create Segment” button

6.      You are returned to the advanced segments page where now you have insights into mobile visits and other important stats, like keyword usage, bounce rates and locality.

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One thing you will notice is the fact we mentioned already, that most visits come from local states and cities. Another thing you will notice in most cases is that a greater number of visits compared to your regular overview comes from social networks. This is also a no brainer, most people use mobile devices to hang on Facebook and Twitter, so spending more time on your social marketing is essential if you wish to grab a piece of the mobile traffic cake.

If you wish to engage your targeted local traffic you will have more chances and more success in doing so if you start paying attention to mobile users. With the enormous sales of smart phones and tablets over the past 2 years it is obvious that mobile internet usage will increase to rise, so ride that wave as soon as you can. The best way to maximize your Mobile SEO efforts is to focus on your local SEO and social media marketing.

Zac is a link building specialist and a seasoned SEO professional. He manages a team of link builders and actively promotes some of Australia's biggest brands. Zac is an active blogger and also maintains Dejan SEO's news and updates section.

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