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Mindmapping Meaningful Link Opportunities

Webmasters often go on a wrong path when it comes to link building and forget to secure links from the most meaningful places. This could be an industry event, speaking gig or a new partnership. In this session we’ll be trying to come up with a comprehensive list of meaningful link opportunities for all business types.


A quick guide to ideas in the video with times

2.00 – Try to links from suppliers

3.50 – Educating suppliers about the importance of linking to sellers

7:00 – Links from the web developer, who has a link in the footer and possibly the site in his portfolio

9:30 – Create a testimonial for the developer and get a link from a dedicated page

11.30 – Come up with exceptional items to create ‘buzz’.

12: 45 – Create a how to forum. Try to engage users with user generated content. Guides and information.

14:00 – Stories of errors with HDMI cables. User Generated Content.

16:00 – Articles using stories. Are you getting the best out of your TV.

16:20 – Product comparison sites, contact about reviews and seek links.

17:30 – Pickout local directories and get signed up on them. Contact gamer sites, offer sponsorship.

+ Host computer gaming day (events)
+ How to get the most out of tv with gaming
+ Conversion rate optimisation for social shares
+ Home entertainment sites with articles about building your home entertainment system. Reach out with free cables if they do reviews
+ Reach out to trades people for links from their site

21:00 – Focus on the main categories when building links. This saves a lot of effort in targetting individual products or paages

23:00 – Publish as much data as you can and then promte the fact you are publishing it. Your looking to acheive traffic which will later organically generate links

26.40 – Create satalite sites for individual products. Provide reveiws and then drive traffic to main site for purchases. Create content based around specific products.

29:20 – Try to build one site and work towards providing really effective conent for that site.

29:45 – Found that having satelite sites was less effective than having targeted pages on the main site

30:40 – Create value over competitors come up with interesting content

34:00 – Creative content ideas >

+ Electricity saftey for children and contact child saftey websites
+ Cable tie escape
+ HDMI efficiency race for gamers

36:30 – Joke about how to plug in your USB – Generally funny videos about that kind of thing.

37:00 – Create lots of videos about product and installation, and link back from videos.

38:30 – Using hangouts to create videos quickly an easily 40:00 – Getting links from landlords

43:30 – Print Web Address on cables

43:45 – Support local schools and businesses with the hint of links from the site. Avoid donate if you link.

45:00 – Get invovled with chamber of commerce

45:30 – Claim big company is breaching your intellectual copywrite for publicity

47:00 – Find out if staff and owners are alumni of univeristies or members of clubs. Push the experience and the knowledge they have.

48:20 – Links from trade shows – appear at and sponsor electronics expos.

50:00 – Have more information about the staff and company making it appear personal and human

51:20 – Interview clients about business connections, who cleans the office, friends with websites, couriers, print & design work, brochurs, signage. Talk and get to know them.

53:00 – Governing Bodies, memberships, local meetups, informational meetings for local enthusiasts

56:30 – Go to dealers and suppliers and help them do beter with their business by SEOing there sites. Generally support their business to get links.

57:00 – Using a tool on your site to catch people copying content, which then includes some link attribution to the oringinal content when it’s pasted.

MINDMAPPING: Meaningful Link Opportunities

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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