Meta Tags are Back, But Only For News Sites

Meta Keywords for News Sites

Google rolls out Panda, Penguin and a bunch of other updates to get us away from spam, well we stopped using keyword meta tags a few years back, but guess what, meta tags are back, but as it seems, only for news sites.

This is a very interesting development, I am not really sure how they decided on this but Google now officially encourages news site to implement news_keywords metatag to help them distinguish topical relevance for important news, they even gave a very interesting example in their announcement blog post.

What surprised me even more is that they’ve explained it in terms like no one ever heard of a meta tag, reassuring news site owners that the meta tag won’t be visible anywhere on their pages, but will strictly be added to the html code. Speechless…

In case you are new to meta tag concept here is a link to help article that will get you setup quickly.



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