Masterclass in Strategic Leadership


Last week we were very lucky to be part of the Masterclass which was put together by Business Southbank and included a generous breakfast but more importantly a very inspiring Masterclass run by Dr Neil Carrington, CEO, ACT for kids. Masterclass ran for an hour and was an eye opener in many ways.

“Leaders understand how and when to lead and how and when to manage…”, Dr Carrington very charismatically explains. He goes on to describe what he said was life-changing realisation, Ladder of Inference (Chris Argyris).

 ladder-of-inferenceTheory in summary shows how to react by “Moving Down the ladder” in confronting situations, changing stance from defensive to more objective approach.

 A lot of what was presented in the masterclass rang true, including the advice on how to run good actionable performance reviews with genuine feedback, listening and acting; rather than just obeying template forms and get bogged in the administration.

One of the analogies that we’ve walked out with was the advice – admit when a task is less important and low priority, instead of saying to ourselves, “I don’t have time for that right now”.

For Small to Medium business owners and operators out there, as well as corporate managers, we highly recommend catching one of the speeches that Dr Carrington performs all around Australia. Who knows, we might get Dr Carrington to be part of our next Online Marketing Seminar in future!





Mihajlo Naumovic works as a Chief Operating Officer at Dejan SEO. With experience in project management and operations since 2008, Mihajlo offers advice in effective management of time and resources within technology sector pertaining to online marketing and SEO.

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