Majestic SEO Upgrades Link Metrics

Majestic SEO introduces ‘Flow Metrics’, SEO industry’s brand new link quality metrics based on trust and citations.

While SEOMoz was undecided whether to proceed with link quality metrics Majestic SEO released two completely new link quality metrics based on their own web graph. Majestic’s ‘Trust Flow’ and ‘Citation Flow’ offer a strikingly visual representation of link profile quality utilising density and tone aided graph plotting.

Lower trust and citation links are found towards the bottom left corner of the graph while domain’s most authoritative links are expected to be found in the top right corner. Naturally the latter is visibly thinner in most cases and it ends on a ‘spike’. One unusual data pattern we’re noticing is a dip just above the first quarter of the diagonal.

First Test

For our first test we used Australian SEO companies and compared their link profiles to our own, sorted in the order if ranking as of 15/05/2012:










The second last link profile looks highly unusual and hints at a potential case of heavy inorganic link practices. Correlation with Google rankings doesn’t appear to be always there however the two new link metrics are certainly a great addition to the existing set of metrics we already have today and are already part of Majestic’s link reports and tools including:

  • Bulk backlink Checker Tool
  • Site Explorer
  • Standard Reports
  • Link Profile Fight

Link Profile Fight

Have you tried the link profile fight tool? Compare your backlink profile to any of your competitors and learn about each others’ strengths and weaknesses. The two link profiles show in different colours on the same graph indicating main differences between the two. Here’s an example of a graph we made between us and another SEO company in Australia.

Link Fight


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