Link Removal Blackmail

In the past few months we’ve all removed a few links, some of us even handled link removal campaigns for our clients. Mistakes of the past practices come back around and now the entire SEO community is dealing with them, it touches every level. It goes so deep that the ones that were selling links a few months back have figured out that they can profit from your bad links which need to be removed by charging you to remove them, genius right? Well in my book this is call link removal blackmail.

link removal blackmail


Basically what they are doing is holding your website reputation and possibly your chance of lifting a penalty in their hands and they are blackmailing you for money if you want the link removed. As you can see from the image above the guy claims he has no time to remove the link, but if I pay for his time he will be more than happy to find time from his busy schedule to remove the link (needles to say that this email reply was received just a few hours after link removal request was sent, very fast for someone who doesn’t have time.)

They even have a domain name used for link removal payments. This is not the first time I came across these these types of emails, but today it just made me mad…

So a TIP for all of you that see this type of email in their inbox, don’t negotiate with the link terrorists! Play it cool, take a screenshot of the email and include it with your next reconsideration request or disavow file, that is what I will do. Google will surely not take kind to this type of blackmail and there is no need for any of us to pay to have these links removed, at least in my opinion.

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and maybe a few screenshots of similar emails you received.

UPDATE: Just to make things a bit clearer, since people misunderstood, this is not a general reply from one webmaster, but an actual business model where they have a dedicated domain used only for link removal payments, the actual link is blurred in the email, the part that is says “You can do this easily here:” and the domain name is something like “1linkremoval4u dot biz“. So they run a business model where they blackmail/extort people for money to remove links.


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