LCA2013: Interview With Bunnie

Andrew (bunnie) Huang

While a word “hacker” carries a negative connotation in the mainstream media, within any open-source and Linux community being a hacker is a good thing and certainly not associated with malicious, criminal activities.

Bunnie is the guy who hacked the Xbox and later wrote a book about it. He holds a Ph.D from MIT was also involved in numerous development projects, including the famous Chumby. Bunnie combines both technical and scientific interests bringing the two, often separated, worlds together.

bunnieHe recently completed his internship and a biotech lab in Asia which gave him practical insights into the field of biology and the lab environment. Bunnie found much of the equipment used in the labs to be archaic and sees potential for new developments. He doesn’t exclude a path of lab equipment design and development. One thing which fascinates him is the ability to sequence and analyse DNA outside of the lab. Domestic use in his view is not in the realm of science fiction and would make a handy gadget for health analysis and diagnostics. I suggested that by adding spectral analysis and biometric reading capabilities we’re literally talking about a tricoder. Bunnie suggested that a cheap DNA analyser is amazing enough even without anything else added. Equipment like that could potentially revolutionise healthcare at home.

In addition to biology and engineering Bunnie is also a fan of astrophysics. His wish is to be involved in something that will help a lot of people in some way and is on the lookout for his next great idea.

Interestingly, bunnie suggests that we’re about to hit the end of the Moore’s Law. He argues that technological advancements, particularly miniaturisation of devices and processor speed doubling will start to slow down and the next objective is to start optimising what we already have.


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