Isabelle Olsson & Google Glass

Isabelle OlssonIsabelle Olsson is the Senior Industrial Designer of Google’s “Project Glass”. The objective of the Project Glass is to create new technology that enables individuals to explore and share their worlds. Olsson’s team at Google is currently in the early stages of production, and still accepting feedback on what features Project Glass should include.

Olsson revealed Project Glass in April of this year, along with the first details and images of its prototype. Project Glass will essentially be a product that appears to be a simple pair of glasses. The glasses created by Project Glass will have diverse functions with endless possibilities. Imagine you could take pictures using your specific perspective, through the use of your eyes! Project Glass hopes to create a pair of functional glasses that incorporate elements of a tablet, smartphone, or social media device. What Google has come up with is not too far removed from what is already on the market, but these Project Glass lenses will likely be powered by Android.

Ideally Project Glass would work for everyone, whether an individual already has prescription glasses or simply wants the use of the device without a prescription. Olsson’s team is working on how different prescriptions and frame styles will effect the overall look of the glasses. Google’s Project Glass team has already secured various patents in order to execute Project Glass, the glasses which will one day change the way we see and interact with the world around us. 

Unfortunately, it may take many years for Project Glass to come to fruition, but Google has already secured multiple patents related to the project. These patents depict Project Glass goggles as wearable devices, displaying information while they are worn.Patents have been approved both for Olsson and her team of Google industrial designers. Olsson believes that we will all be wearing a pair of Project Glass goggles one day, and we can look forward to seeing these magic goggles in the coming years of Google. There is a fear that the first phase of the goggles will be released too soon, before the end of 2012. Those of us waiting to see Olsson and her team’s full vision come to life may need to check our patience and wait for the real thing.


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