Is There an Impact of Social Media on Rankings?

One of the questions we have been asking ourselves over the past few years is what is the actual impact of social media on rankings, are there any implications showing that social media actually contribute to our rankings? According to Google they do, social media and links from social media, even though they are nofollow, are a factor. With that in mind we need to pay attention to social media as everything seems to suggest that social media is the key to future online business.


If we would have to define social media we would define it as a brand’s window to brand personalization. Social media are there for brands to connect with their users, real people, and once again work on connecting, as at first, internet made this part of business estranged. Now brands use social media to form an online identity, to connect with customers, other brands, and form partnerships, to engage all of them and to show what they are all about. So why wouldn’t such a presentation actually influence the rankings in search engines?

Social media sure do impact our SERP results, and not just the Realtime search. Social media greatly contribute to our online presence and our rankings, and here is how:

Faster Indexing of your website is the first thing that comes to mind when social media and SEO are mentioned. In most cases as soon as you publish a post and tweet it or share it on Facebook or other social networks, people will react to it, share it and pass it on, usually way before search engines find that page.

Indexing Inner Pages is also a part of social networking. In some cases some of your inner pages will be inaccessible to search engines, just by sharing them you can get the bots to crawl them, at the same time get them to rank.

Indication of quality, yes, social media can be great indication that a page or a site is full of quality content and that is what search engines want. If your page is shared by dozens of users, better more, dozens of users on various social networks, that surely tells Google and other search engines that you have good content on your site. Everything about that link is inspected by the search engines, how many time was it tweeted, liked, commented on, passed on via other social networks. There is also timing that comes into play as well as the user who passed the link on and their authority.

Most social networks offer a way to tag the pages we share, just like on our blogs. That also helps our pages to be seen as more relevant for certain terms, this helping in our ranking efforts. The same goes for placing these stories into appropriate categories on social media sites, it impacts their relevance.

Maybe these are not actual rankings factors, but truth be told they will be as search engines are turning more and more to social networks. We can accept the fact that internet has becoming more and more social and that is what we need to focus on. If you want to stay ahead of the game you need to think ahead, in the future social media will become more and more valuable for search engine optimisation.

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