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Internships at Dejan SEO

Every now and then, we end up with an empty seat in our technical SEO team. Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.


Let me tell you a bit about how it feels being an intern at Dejan SEO.

In summary it’s really, really hard.

You get a big book to read, we explain a lot of things all at once and expect you to absorb a lot of new data. Suddenly you have tasks to perform and we may not always have time to explain things straight away. Our interns often have to find their own way of doing things until they receive further guidance. There’s barely any time to relax and chit chat and you’ll find yourself wondering how the day went so quick.

When we hire, we look for intelligent, capable and driven people – we expect the same attitude from our interns.


  • You will learn more stuff in a week than they’ll teach you at university in a year.
  • You’ll work with awesome tools nobody else has access to.
  • Your colleagues are some of the best SEOs in Australia.
  • Foot in the door. We will hire you if you’re awesome enough. Ask Chris Butterworth.

Are you suitable?

We are looking for a technical intern. This means somebody with already established technical skills ready to apply them in context of SEO strategy and implementation. This could be knowledge of HTML, js, XML, experience with on-site optimisation, skills with data analysis, PHP…etc.

Find a way to contact us and tell us why you should be our next intern.