Inside Google Search

Both Google and techy webmaster have been trying to teach the general population about the advantages of Google search like using advanced search queries and going a bit deeper with Google search tools and functionalities rather than using just the basic search box. I myself have written a great number of posts dealing with advanced search queries and some of the Google tools that can be very helpful and productive. Although I do believe that some search queries can only be discovered or created, Google’s inside search features cover a great deal of topics making it the best resource to learn about Google search.

Let’s just take a minute to look at a few of the Google search features they cover on their pages:

The Basics

the basics

Advanced Tricks


Fast Facts

fast facts





On Your Phone


I didn’t know a great deal of these features, and I work in the field. General users know even less and as you can see there are some great features that can be considered priceless for bot advanced and general users, so getting to know some of these might be a good idea. If you are interested go take a look and explore, have fun with some of the searches and features Google offers.

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