Index Status – New GWT Feature

If you ever wondered or tried to check how many of your pages are in Google index you might have come into a dilemma here and there. If you check Google search that number may change daily, and is never substantial. Now Google offers Index Status in Google Webmaster Tools that tells you how many pages of your site they have indexed.

If you go to GWT you can find Index Status under Health, the first page there will show you a simple graph of how many pages from your site are indexed at the moment.

Index Status Basic

If you don’t see what you expected you can always investigate further by choosing the advanced tab. The advanced tab shows number of pages in index, total number of pages ever crawled, number of pages which weren’t selected and the number of pages blocked by robots.

index status advanced

This is useful for larger sites that have known CMS issues or if you have indexing issues and can get some pages showing in Google results. It may help identify a problem, which makes it a useful feature. Google’s official statement says:

“We hope that Index Status will bring more transparency into Google’s index selection process and help you identify and fix indexing problems with your sites. And if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask in our Help Forum.”



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