Improved Top Search Queries Data in Google Webmaster Tools

As SEOs and webmasters we rely on data to make online business better, as such we need webmaster tools, analytics and the like. So any improvement to these tools is a great asset to all of us. We already had a few improvements to top search query data, but there is more.

90 days data range for top search queries

Google just announced new improvements to webmaster tools top search queries. There are 3 improvements in total:

–          The date range of the top search query data

–          Instant data upon verification of a site

–          Data for 200 top search queries

The date range is now improved from 35 days to 90 days of data for your top search queries. By default webmaster tools show the data without change that happened, and the change is still available if you select the tab, but only for a period of 30 days.

Another great improvement is that the moment you verify your site in GWT you will be able to see all the basic search query data, no more waiting for Google to gather and display the data, it’s instant.

The last improvement is that Google is now collecting data for top 200 search queries of your website, for which you get clicks of course. The difference can be seen if your search queries are spread among different regions and languages. Namely, Google separately counts one search query for Australia and for US.

This is just one of the updates that Google made to GWT recently, hope there will be more to improve our data and make our jobs easier.



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