Switch Off Impressions in Google Webmaster Tools


How do you switch off impression data in Google Webmaster Tools traffic graph? You can’t. And it’s annoying.

When I go to GWT I like to check my traffic data by going to “Search Queries” section. What I typically see is a flat clicks graph as impressions data always outperforms the clicks.

Having both in the graph is great, but we need to have a way of switching impressions and clicks on and off. It can’t be that hard, Bing Webmaster Tools do it.


Webmaster Tools team I know you guys are busy but can you please bump this up on your list of things to do.

Thank you!

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10 Responses to “Switch Off Impressions in Google Webmaster Tools”

  1. Yeah it’s so hard to see trends in the clicks when the line remains flat!

    • Luke Chapman
  2. How about just using two scales on the chart instead of turning the series of data on/off?

    • Alistair Lattimore
  3. Not exactly convenient but you can export chart data and make your own charts :-)

    • Marcin Lejman
  4. To me the benefit of GWT is being able to see impressions.
    All the other info here can be seen via a SERP tracker with integrated traffic numbers.
    Like others out there our criticone tool does this.
    So I have to ask why you wouldn’t want to see impressions with traffic on the graph?
    After all click through rates are a key metric.

    • Paul S
  5. See Luke’s comment.

    • Dejan SEO
  6. Good idea.

    • Dejan SEO
  7. Too much work.

    • Dejan SEO
  8. I still don’t get why you wouldn’t just use GA or other analytics platforms for a traffic breakdown. Am I missing something here?

    • Paul S
  9. nice post, great information

    • chandu
  10. A better request is to ask Google why impression data is wrong by more than 640% as opposed to raw logs….

    • CandleForex

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