Impact of Google’s Action Against Content Farms on Adsense


In this post we will go over a great question asked by Brian Provost on Focus and it goes like this:

“How Does Google Address “Content Farms” Without Crippling Their Adsense Revenues”
They incentivized this whole mess.

“I think that the tagging and semantics are great as long as the computers are doing tagging and semantics.”In this video (14th minute) Sergey Bring talks about AdSense as an enabling feature and a way to help people who publish great content to secure a steady income stream in order to maintain the cost of hosting and domain registration. So AdSense is important to Google not only as a money maker but also from an altruistic point of view.

In our opinion their method of defense will be strictly algorithmic with human intervention on a testing and feedback level. Google has a policy of non-human power and owners firmly believe in the power of machines to perform all our tasks. In the same video (17th minute) Sergey states this very openly by saying: “I think that the tagging and semantics are great as long as the computers are doing tagging and semantics.”

So in short, they will figure out an automated way to sift through vast amounts of data and find the right solution.

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