How to stake ownership in the content you create

There is a fast growing change on the Internet for even better, more valuable content written by real people with a public face. Google is a notable proponent of this push to get content creators to claim their content more publicly and focus even more on producing content of the highest quality.

A question from content creators is how to actually get known as one, since if you’re going to invest time in producing quality content, you want to be acknowledged. Google recommends using the rel=author tag within your content. It helps annotate your content and clearly identifies yourself as the author of that content.

The idea is for content creators to move away from being anonymous personas on the web to a more richer model where authorship and ownership are embraced, with the hope of being a driver of better quality content on the web. This makes for a better user experience and a better web overall.

Being acknowledged by Google as a content creator is great but how do you know when you or your content is being mentioned or referenced online (without having to constantly search Google for this information)?

The easiest way is to setup a Google Alert for your name, so when your name is mentioned in some new content on the web, you’ll receive an email alert with more information.

You can be even more specific by setting alerts for your content as you create it (like headings), so you can be alerted when your content is being referred to/mentioned elsewhere on the web.

Currently, there’s no feature in Google Alerts or within Google’s product offering for when your name is searched – at least not for average folks as there would simply not be enough data for that sort of thing. For highly popular people (celebrities, political figures), then Google Insights for Search is a great place to start as there’s some data to help you identify search patterns for a particular name.

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