How is Your Company Standing on Google+?

Google+ has broken the boundaries of expectations, some may say they forced us because its Google, so you are either on the boat or it’s leaving without you, but one thing is for sure, no one expected it to grow as fast as it did and not many listened when we said get on early, it will be worth it. It’s now obvious that Google+ is the place to be, especially for businesses that want to expand their reach.

google+ pages for business

So, do you have a Google+ page for your business? If not you are already falling behind a lot. Go do yourself a favor, go to Google+, create a page with lots of content about your business, place links to your sites and profiles, contact details, everything that describes your company and start participating. Grab a Google+ badge for your website so that users can connect directly with you from your website.

Every business should rush and take initiative. Don’t just create the page and abandon it, you need to be active so that people will see you. Here are a few basic tips on how to attract people to +1 your page and add it to their circles, which will in return help you expand your reach and even boost your traffic through personalized search that came with search plus your world.

–          First step, complete your profile to the last detail

–          Divide your followers into circles (helps with connecting and tailoring your content for appropriate groups)

–          Post often or if you don’t have what to post participate (comment and talk with other regularly, get noticed)

–          Use hangouts to chat with interested parties (be creative, do video tutorials, promotions, or simple chats)

–          Engage, engage, engage (post, upload, ask, share)

Remember, Google rewards those who are active on Google+ platform, but that doesn’t mean that you should abandon your other social networks, no, give them even more attention. Use your Facebook page as you did before or more; connect with your Twitter followers and also any other network you are active on. Social world is an important part of doing business online, it’s a free form of advertising and PR rolled into one, if you are serious about your business online, then you need to take social media seriously.

Zac is a link building specialist and a seasoned SEO professional. He manages a team of link builders and actively promotes some of Australia's biggest brands. Zac is an active blogger and also maintains Dejan SEO's news and updates section.

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