How Google Reviews Ads For Safety

Because of the sheer volume of Google ads that are added to the Internet hourly, Google has set a complex system into place to help monitor these ads for safety. Google uses this review system to help protect Internet users from scams, counterfeit goods, unfair or unclear billing practices and malicious downloads that could damage computers. Although Google’s system is not 100 percent foolproof, it does put a large dent in the amount of unsafe ads that make it onto Google websites and websites that utilize Google’s Adsense program.

When an ad is initially added to Google’s network, it is given a preliminary examination. The preliminary examination simply reviews the ad snippet and the landing page that it leads to, and it initially groups new ads into one of two categories — ads that appear safe at first glance are placed on the Google website for users who do not have the “SafeSearch” feature turned on. Ads that are flagged as potentially dangerous are held from being posted online, pending further review.

Next, Google reviews the entire website that the advertisement leads to. The point of this process is to ensure that a website does not sell illegal or counterfeit goods and to monitor for unfair billing practices. This is typically monitored using an automated system, but sometimes the automated system is unable to determine the safety of a website. In these cases, the site is flagged for review by a real person.

The last way that Google reviews ads for safety is by monitoring an advertiser’s entire account. Since many advertisers use one account to advertise for many websites, Google keeps an eye on the practices of the account owner. A wide variety of factors are monitored during this process, including major budget changes and the use of certain keywords. Google constantly monitors all advertising accounts to watch for unsavory activity. If an account triggers enough red flags and if Google’s automated system is confident enough, the account is immediately suspended. This helps to prevent dangerous advertisements and material from leaking onto the Internet.

Although some bad ads might make it through Google’s complex system, the company puts forth a massive effort to keep their ads and the entire Internet safe. Individuals who are considering placing unsafe advertisements on Google’s advertising network might want to rethink their decision, as their chances of getting caught are very high.

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