How Businesses can Benefit From Social Media

Why Use Social Media? 

Businesses can take advantage of social media to :

– gain customers
– maintain customer loyalty
– promote products 
– advertise their services

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Best Reasons to Engage Consumers Through Social Media & Benefits

This method is highly effective because it can target specific customers and can invite consumers to interact with the advertisement, as opposed to simply watching it on television or listening to it on the radio. With online advertising, consumers can click on pictures, links and videos as well as spread content to friends and family within seconds. 

The advantages a business has for using social media includes increasing the reach of the company and name, gaining loyal followers and branding their product or service. A business can increase the number of potential customers their advertisement reaches by placing advertisements on several different social media websites. 

Not only can these advertisements contain pictures and text, they can also be highly interactive. Such advertisements can also contain videos, moving graphics, sound and other forms of multimedia. Most importantly, these advertisements can be links to other websites, perhaps the main website of the business or company. Therefore, if a consumer clicks on the advertisement, they can be redirected to a larger website that contains detailed information about:

– products and services offered
– pricing
– hours of operation
– contact information

Not only does this generate a lot of traffic to a website, this information is also easily shared among users. If a person comes across something that he or she may actually be interested in but perhaps has a friend or family member in mind who is, this information is easily transferred to the consumer of interest. There is no need to pick up a phone and recite lengthy details or phone numbers; instead, the consumer can simply copy and paste the URL of the website and e-mail or instant message it to the person of interest.

Another way social media reaches such a broad audience is the ability to post or tag something on a person’s own personal page. This will then appear to all other users who are friends with or contacts with an individual. This is a more subtle way of marketing to a large audience. 

A business or company that regularly maintains its website also has higher chances of maintaining loyal customers. A social media website or advertisement that is updated weekly, for example, and contains new deals and specials is more likely to attract and keep customers. They can simply bookmark the page and check it regularly to see if any promotions are being offered that would benefit them most. Again, if s consumer sees a special that they might not use but a friend or family member can, it is very fast and convenient to pass the information along through a link or URL. This directs other consumers to the website, and they too may become loyal followers. 

Ways To Engage The Audience

The most effective advertisements are those which engage the audience. An interactive social media site, link or picture will attract more attention from potential consumers as opposed to those which are just plain text or pictures. Easy ways to generate traffic to engage consumers include 

– Contests
– Q and A’s
– Giveaways
– Raffles 
– Prizes

Everyone likes the opportunity to get free things, whether they are products, services or cash. Social media websites that offer quizzes or contests easily guarantee electronic traffic with the potential of gaining something for free.

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