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At first glance, Heineken’s recent job posting in the employment classifieds of New Scientist’s website appears to be a very clever advertisement inviting customers to become beer flavor scientists by drinking Heineken’s line of beers.

In an age in which advertising companies are becoming increasingly clever in how they choose to reach their target demographics, we are finding contextual advertisements in such odd places these days that I initially assumed that the employment posting was just part of a very clever viral advertising campaign consisting of faux employment ads cleverly hidden in niche classified listings.

After all, what modern beer drinker does not secretly view himself as one of the world’s leading experts on what defines a great beer? An original advertising campaign like this would certainly grab a beer lover’s attention and might even make the difference that it takes to affect a shopper’s decision when he is standing in front of the beer cooler at the grocery store. Upon closer inspection of the job listing, however, I began to have misgivings as to whether or not this posting was indeed an advertisement.

With job requirements such as “a solid base in Gas Chromotography and Mass Spectrometry,” Heineken seemed to expecting an awful lot of out of their customers, as was their requirement for their new flavor scientists to relocate to the Netherlands.

After reading through the job description in full, I realized that the listing that I was reading was authentic and that Heineken was actually in search of qualified scientists with a doctorate level background in the field to help the beer company improve and maintain the flavor of their products through the use of cutting edge food and beverage technology. Yes, it turns out that, if you apply yourself in school and obtain the educational background necessary, the beer industry really is in search of qualified beer flavor scientists.

Given my troubling lack of experience in Gas Chromotography, I will have to learn to accept that this position may be forever out reach for myself and my beer loving colleagues. Still, it is somehow comforting to know that, somewhere out there in the depth’s of the Netherlands, there are a team of scientists donning white lab coats and goggles running a pilsner through the Quantum Mass Spectromenator just one more time to make sure that Heineken’s beer is perfect. The position is no longer available, but here is the original ad: “Premium brand and consumer focused innovation: Heineken Supply Chain is looking for a Scientist Flavour Science (f/m) Heineken is easily associated with fun.

As an employer, Heineken is able to extend this association to the workplace. With its multitude of aspects and opportunities, and its variety of challenges, Heineken is an inspiring and challenging organization and a pleasure to work for. Heineken Supply Chain is our international knowledge supply centre, located in Zoeterwoude, the Netherlands, next to one of our largest breweries. Our knowledge centre provides support to all our breweries worldwide and is responsible for the execution of the global Research & Innovation (R&I) programme. Within our R&I programme we work on the latest developments in flavour science, as understanding of beer taste and smell is crucial for producing a top quality beer. Our laboratories are well equipped and co-operate with leading external research groups.

Within the section Brewing Science we are looking for a Scientist Flavour Science having a solid base in Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry Job description This PhD position at Heineken Supply Chain is available in the R&I, Brewing Science Department from the 1st of March. In this position your responsibility as a project leader, will be to define, initiate and execute R&I projects involving flavour chemistry in order to innovate and improve processes and products and to maintain and generate knowledge in this area of expertise. Consequently you will have access to our state-of-the-art laboratory (e.g. GC-ToF, GC triple-Quad).

You will be part of a multidisciplinary, highly educated and motivated team. As an expert, you will deliver support in your area of expertise throughout the company. Furthermore you will be able to keep up and extend your expertise by appropriate education and attendance of international conferences. Competence requirements: The successful candidate should have a Ph.D. in analytical, flavour or food chemistry with proven skills in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry. Experience with beverages and/or maillard chemistry would be an advantage.”

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