Guerilla SEO: Turn Your Blog into a PDF

Guerilla SEO: Turn Your Blog into a PDF

Two weeks ago Dan wrote an article titled Guerilla SEO: BitTorrent, it explains how someone would go about creating and uploading their BitTorrent file and for what purpose to some extent. Well, I’ve decided to push you a bit in that direction by showing you how you can automate the process of PDF creation from your own blog.

You probably know how to create a regular PDF file, you can do it from Microsoft Office or any other editor, but to use the content of your own blog and turn it into a PDF file, well there are sites and programs that can help you do that as easy as 1,2,3.

Before we start with the process you can take a look at the end result from our own PDF we uploaded to Mininova titled Dejan SEO Advanced Topics.

Step 1:

Visit Blog Booker, a site that allows you to create a PDF from your blog or any category you want in just a matter of minutes. Blog Booker allows for an easy creation of PDF files using 3 popular platforms, WordPress, Blogger and Live Journal. So if you are using any of these platforms, and you probably are, you can have your own book in 2 minutes.

Step 2:

For the sake of this guide we will use WordPress as our basis, so go to this page there you can upload your Blog XML Export and the site will do everything else.

Step 3:

In case you are not sure how to download your XML export you need to follow these simple steps. Note: In case my explanation is not enough you can get a better one here:

Go to your control panel and click on Tools>Export and on the next page you see you will be able to customize what parts of your blog you want exported, as seen on the image below.

Export  XML

You can then go on to customize what type of page you want in your PDF, just pages, posts, categories, and so on. You can go on to choose which category you want, or simply use all of them. You can set which authors you want to use and also set a start and end date, so you can play around a bit and choose only what you want.

Step 4:

After you’ve finished customizing your options just click the export button. Once the file is downloaded go back to Blog Booker and upload the file. Below the upload section you can customize some of the options, so don’t click on the “Create your BlogBook” button just yet, take a look at the options and make sure everything is to your likeing.

It takes you 5 minutes from exporting your XML file to waiting for BlogBooker to compile your PDF and then you are all set to upload your newly created PDF to Torrent websites (well, first create a torrent file from your PDF) or do whatever you had in mind. This is the fastest and easiest way for anyone with any amount of knowledge to create a quality PDF.

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