Google’s Penguin Update: Far from over?

Google’s Penguin Update: Far from over?

Starting from May 22nd there have been a lot of shifts in the SERPs, but we thought they would settle down, as they started to a few days later. But, starting from June 1st we noticed a lot of activity in the SERPs, Algoroo shows quite a bit of movement, and it is not just Algoroo, so what is actually going on?


Of course we checked other tools, starting from serps volatility tool, and we saw the same thing all over again:

Mozcats and SERPmetrics Flux all show the same thing happening, Barry Schwartz posted on SEORoundTable about the Google update kicking in. We also checked the Webmaster forums and the users all talk about a strange occurrence, their rankings remaining the same over the past few days but their traffic going down significantly! Some are even reporting better rankings but worse traffic. So what is going on in Google SERPs at the moment?

It is possible that Penguin is just kicking it up and starting the real cleanup now, but that doesn’t explain the fact that the rankings are still there or even better but traffic is down, is it possible that there is another update along with Penguin that we are seeing in Algoroo?

Maybe we are seeing a penguinflux kicking in, has Google finally decided to make Penguin a permanent addition to their algo instead of manually pushing it from now?  Maybe Google was displeased with the results their initial Penguin 2.0 brought so what we are seeing now are ongoing tweaks that happen in real time?

Whatever is currently going on there are a lot of confused webmasters right now, so if you have something to share with us please do so in the comments or trough our social channels. We will keep monitoring the prognosis for the SERPs and keep you updated.

Update 07.06.2013 :

We’ve just seen another jump on Algoroo:

Other services like MOZcast and SERPs Volatility aren’t showing the same thing, so this may very well be local only. Let us know if you notice anything.

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