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Google Webmasters Tools: Favicon Feature

Google  Webmasters Tools & New Favicon Feature

Dejan SEO, 14 January 2010 As of today, we’re starting to notice little favicon.ico next to both verified and unverified domains in Google Webmasters Tools. This not only looks pretty but also makes it easy to visually jump to the right website. We find it particularly handy due to a massive list of domains we have in our account. Another thing our system administrator pointed out was the fact that some search engines and browsers always query for favicon which can add a light, yet unnecessary load to your server and also pollute server logs with 404 errors.

Using Google Webmaster Tools you can now easily and at a glance discover which of your sites are missing the favourite icon and organise quick placement. Do take time to add a favourite icon to your website, it’s a great little branding tool. It’s easy to create one – simply save your 16×16 pixel gif file as .ico and upload it to your server.

Also you can use one of many available icon generators which can produce even animated icons – keep in mind though that animation feature works only in some browsers. Illustrated above is the actual screenshot from our webmaster tools account comparing sites that have the icon setup and those that do not.

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