Google Webmaster Tools Update

Google Webmaster Tools Update

Google Webmaster Tools get a nice interface and layout update today featuring website thumbnails and ability to sort by site health as a priority (as opposed to being sorted alphabetically). Handy new “Manage site” drop down offers three options: Add or remove owners, Google Analytics property and Delete site. Under each site title webmasters can now see the most recent message or update such as changes in sitelinks, CMS platform updates or warnings about uptime. This interface update is well timed with the recent Analytics and Webmaster Tools data integration.

Update: Google has just announced their official article explaining the features and reasons for this update. In the article Google also clarifies why some webmasters don’t see the newly re-designed page. According to Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, Susan Moskwa, accounts with 100 or more websites will see the old design [1].


[1] Work smarter, not harder, with site health:

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