Google Webmaster Tools Improves Sitemap Reporting

If you have a large website it can be really hard to get all the pages fully indexed, especially the deep ones. That is why sitemaps are of great importance to our websites, large one especially. For faster indexing we submit our sitemaps to Google, so far the only things we could see in GWT included the number of URLs submitted in sitemap and errors.

Google recently announced and implemented a new change in sitemap reporting[1] we see in GWT.


The image by itself tells a lot, but let’s go over the changes nonetheless. As you can see on the image GWT recognizes and shows information for different content types including images, videos, news and of course web content. You can see for each type how many are submitted and how many are index, of course with a nice visualization as well.  Since the video sitemaps are now visible in GWT Google announced that they will be retiring the Video Sitemap Labs function.

sitemap testAnother great improvement is to actually test the sitemap once you submit it or at any time. Just visit the sitemap section in GWT and you will see a red button to test or submit a sitemap. If you decide to test it, it will just check if there are any errors.  Google suggests that for the best test results you should wait a bit until Google downloads all URLs, as some URLs will not be caught by the test otherwise.

This is another Google Webmaster Tool update brought in January, a very useful one. As you can see from the first image error reports are displayed in a more structured manner that will make it easier for webmasters to deal and correct the errors without having to scroll through the list to find them.



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