Google Webmaster Tools Drops Two Days of Plus Data

Google Webmaster Tools +1 Timeline

Google Webmaster Tools fails to report on +1’s for two days in February. Will we ever get the data or is it gone forever?

Go to Webmaster Tools, select your domain and navigate to +1 Metrics. Select “Audience” and set the date range to as wide range as possible on both ends. What some webmasters see today is a gap in data for two days in February (5th and 6th). At this stage we’re not sure if this is a display bug or delay in data collection. Considering the next two days contain data already we assume that there was a bug in display of the data which may be rectified as soon as Google Webmaster Team find out about this glitch.

Worst case scenario we’ve lost +1 data for these two days for good – but would that mean that Google also doesn’t have it in their backend and does not apply in rankings / personalisation? Hopefully you didn’t run a particularly successful campaign on those two days.

Update: Google has now fixed the bug and all of the data is visible in the graph:



Remaining issues: We noticed two more troubled graphs in the Activity section:




All +1’s.

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