Google Webmaster Tools Drops Two Days of Plus Data

Google Webmaster Tools +1 Timeline

Google Webmaster Tools fails to report on +1’s for two days in February. Will we ever get the data or is it gone forever?

Go to Webmaster Tools, select your domain and navigate to +1 Metrics. Select “Audience” and set the date range to as wide range as possible on both ends. What some webmasters see today is a gap in data for two days in February (5th and 6th). At this stage we’re not sure if this is a display bug or delay in data collection. Considering the next two days contain data already we assume that there was a bug in display of the data which may be rectified as soon as Google Webmaster Team find out about this glitch.

Worst case scenario we’ve lost +1 data for these two days for good – but would that mean that Google also doesn’t have it in their backend and does not apply in rankings / personalisation? Hopefully you didn’t run a particularly successful campaign on those two days.

Update: Google has now fixed the bug and all of the data is visible in the graph:



Remaining issues: We noticed two more troubled graphs in the Activity section:




All +1’s.

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2 thoughts on “Google Webmaster Tools Drops Two Days of Plus Data

  1. I’m seeing the same. As it’s an accumulative graph that went to zero then back I’d assume it was a glitch in the pulling in of the data for those days. They’ve fixed the issue. Maybe they are waiting to see if there are enough complaints before working out how to re-run those days.

  2. In fact all my +1 data has now vanished. The activity section says I have 0 plus ones in total for the last month, but if I do a site: search in google for our website then I can still see them.