Google View All in Search Results

Another of recent updates from Google includes new pagination rel elements, rel=”next” and rel=”prev” which are closely related to View All[1] option in search results. This was done so that webmasters could clearly state to Google which pages they want to show in the serps when they have separated content and view all pages.

This update was brought to enhance the user experience and lower the latency before users find what they are looking for. Split content can be bothersome, so most website with split content have “view all” pages, some don’t. For those that don’t, new pagination rel elements will solve the issue and will try to show the most relevant of the pages for the search query used, in most cases the first page will appear in results as most relevant, but sometimes it may direct users to the second or third page.

Those who have “view all” on their websites need to add canonical tags from each of the split pages to the “view all” page, just like shown on the image below.

view all canonical

This will help Google pick up on the “view all” page and serve is as a result in the serp. In some cases Google will pick up on the “view all” page by itself, but this is a sure way to let Google know that you want this page to show in the serps. If not, you can always no follow the “view all” page and use new rel=”next” and rel=”prev” attributes and Google will include your split pages the best it can.



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