Google updates Instant Preview feature to be truly Instant

As part of an ongoing process to improve browsing experiences, Google has rolled out an update to their Instant Preview feature.

Previously, you had to click on the magnifying glass icon to to the side of a search result in the SERPs to get a snapshot of the webpage along with a snippet of text that appeared in the SERPs.

The latest version which has been making it’s way to SERPs around the world in recent days is now truly ‘instant’.

Simply hover over a search result and an expanded preview pane appears to the right with a snapshot of the page, a dark grey box with relevant content pulled from that page and a red box outlining where on the page that text is pulled from. Check out an example below:

New Google Instant Preview Pane

When Google first launched the Instant Preview feature almost a year ago, it showcased major implications for landing pages. It reminded us that design is a big deal and that whilst a top ranking would garner relevant and targeted traffic, if your landing page design was weak and was not geared to convert, you’d lose out on a sale or an enquiry, thereby rendering that top ranking futile.

We’ve also noticed another major implication: PPC ads on the right hand side get obscured when you use the Insant Preview feature. Is Google listening and working really hard to make the end user experience that bit better?

Some of the tips we can give for those who want to make the most of this new feature in Google is to optimise landing pages to send a clear message to the visitor – who, what, why, how much… and so on. You should also ensure your meta description matches up to the content on your landing page (consistency is key!) and since design is a pretty big deal, avoid using long forms on the landing page and avoid using design elements that could scare off a prospect.

As always, we encourage A/B testing because if you’re not testing, you’re just guessing!

Jaaved Khatree is a well-rounded Web Generalist and Digital Marketer, with a keen interest in all things SEO and Web Design. He specialises in rock solid SEO and Internet Marketing campaigns for small to medium businesses all over the world. Jaaved first went online in 1996 and has been connected ever since.

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