Possible Google Update: Friday 25-10-13


Algoroo has measured a significant ranking flux on Friday after a relatively stable fortnight indicating at a possible algorithmic tweak at Google.

2.33 roos

The SERP turbulence level this Friday was at a whopping 2.33 roos making it the 8th most volatile day in 2013:


Are we looking at a new layer in the search quality algorithm or a tweak to an existing one? We’ll know more if Google decides to share the details with us.

One observation we’ve made so far is related to how Google indexes pages. We monitor a number of search queries on a regular basis and have recently started noticing presence of Google+ URL types that would normally be excluded.

Here are some examples:

Example 1: https://plus.google.com/app/basic/s/%23PageRank/related?cbp=r52e57em2lul&sview=28&sro=%23Blogging&sri=0&spath=/app/basic/s/%2523Blogging/related&sparm=cbp%3D1j3v8pnwbhxes%26sview%3D28%26sro%3D%2523Bloggers,%2523BloggingTips%26sri%3D0%26spath%3D/app/basic/s/%252523Goodreads/related%26sparm%3Dcbp%253Dzzlex01arf7s%2526sview%253D28%2526sro%253D%252523Books,%252523BookReview%2526sri%253D0%2526spath%253D/app/basic/s/%25252523BookReview/related%2526sparm%253Dcbp%25253D93vs4jdpli7u%252526sview%25253D28%252526sri%25253D0%252526spath%25253D/app/basic/s/%2525252523Review/related%252526sparm%25253Dcbp%2525253Dvawdk5wtxa9k%25252526sview%2525253D28%25252526sro%2525253D%2525252523Samsung,%2525252523Apple%25252526sri%2525253D0%25252526spath%2525253D/app/basic/s/%252525252523Apple/related%25252526sparm%2525253Dcbp%252525253D17y6m56vixlno%2525252526sview%252525253D28%2525252526sro%252525253D%252525252523iPhone%2525252526sri%252525253D0
Example 2: https://m.google.com/app/basic/s/%23Hummingbird/related?cbp=gd93qymdimly&partnerid=operamini1104&sview=27&sri=0&spath=/app/basic/114596371341522095848/posts&sparm=cbp%3D7rwn3e0846o%26partnerid%3Doperamini1104%26sview%3D27%26stct%3DCAIQofm3nKLMtwIgUCgB%26spath%3D/app/basic/stream%26sparm%3Dcbp%253Defxh38gngmwd%2526partnerid%253Doperamini1104%2526sview%253D27
Example 3: https://plus.google.com/app/basic/s/%23Volatility/related?cbp=edwkuvbm5v66&sview=27&sro=%23Market&sri=0&spath=/app/basic/109032546067571485833/posts&sparm=cbp%3Dvjqr8jp0qygv%26sview%3D28%26spath%3D/app/basic/s/%252523Typhoon/related%26sparm%3Dcbp%253D2hkn2pis58nx%2526sview%253D27%2526sri%253D0%2526spath%253D/app/basic/102272628951179356571/posts%2526sparm%253Dcbp%25253D14iyp2unwpxse%252526sview%25253D27%252526spath%25253D/app/basic/stream/z124tn4i1o33slpyi04cep3hvxaqi1rppbo

The above just seem like “search result” type pages which they normally avoid indexing or at least lower it on the priority list.

Have you been affected? Let us know in the comments or on Google+


Dan Petrovic is a well-known Australian SEO and a managing director of Dejan SEO. He has published numerous research articles in the field of search engine optimisation and online marketing. Dan's work is highly regarded by the world-wide SEO community and featured on some of the most reputable websites in the industry.

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3 Responses to “Possible Google Update: Friday 25-10-13”

  1. Yes, this is some new update. My blog (on blogspot) recovered from google penalty after almost 3 months. My site been penalized probably for keyword stuffing.

    • Jose
  2. hard to say yet, lets wait for confirmation

    • igl00
  3. I would say so! lets see if we can get some stable ranking after this.

    • Miki Vicioso

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