Google Trusted Stores – Becoming a Google Certified Store is now an Option

Google released a new feature, Google Trusted Stores[1], which will help your store become a greater authority and even more recognized than it is right now. With a Google certificate in your header most people will understand that you run a professional service that can be trusted, so this is one Google service we can all look forward to.

google trusted stores

As it is now it is still in a beta phase and they are accepting new applicants[2], so the best bet is to apply as fast as you can to get the best out of this deal. And what can you expect from Google trusted stores[3] badge, let’s take a peak.

Your website will be accepted if it meets certain requirements and performance standards to become a Google certified trusted store[4]. The most common requirements are low average of days for the merchant to ship the product, resolving issues quickly and a low percentage of customers reporting issues with the store and the merchant. The Google trusted stores badge will reflect on that by showing reliability of shipping as well as customer service and other data.

google trusted stores badge

Another great benefit for the shoppers beside having an insight into the store they are shopping from is additional free purchase protection offered by Google[5]. If you can’t resolve the issue with the merchant you can opt in and get Google to help you resolve it by either helping you get a full refund or a replacement item. Be sure to read Google’s guidelines on purchase protection as they very clearly state that purchase protection is not a warranty and the merchant still has their own terms and policies that apply, this is just a safety precaution.

To make sure that you are on the right track of being safe you need to read the Product Prohibited from Purchase Protection[6] section offered on Google help so there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding later.

Google trusted stores gives more confidence to merchants that they are on the right track and that they are doing everything right, but it also helps the shoppers make a decision and deal with possible issues that may occur later. All this makes Google trusted stores a great service.








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