Google+ Timing

Google+ Timing is a web application which tells Google+ users more about the impact of timing on post popularity among their circles. It breaks up your posts and orders them by popularity (best hours and days of the week to post). It also highlights your most popular posts which is useful to know and analyse their nature, content and titles.

It seems I have to stay up late at night to give my posts the best chance and if I want them to be shared they will be of the following nature:

  1. Open invitation for users to do something and engage in experiments.
  2. Use words like “wow” and “awesome” in context of discovery.
  3. Ask challenging questions people feel compelled to answer or attempt to answer.
  4. Post something crazy, nerdy and unusual.
  5. Share great content
So it seems like I should be posting my best content on Tuesdays close to midnight…

Google+ timing

Note: Google+ Timing will require you to sign in and give it permissions to do the following:

  • Know who you are on Google
    • Associate you with your public Google profile
  • Perform these operations when I’m not using the application

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