Google Tag Manager is Here

Google finally got around to address the issues of tags. As you know too many tags are not good for your site, on the contrary a few won’t help you much, well, it seems that Google has found a solution for us in the form of Google Tag Manager.

Google Tag Manager

In Google’s announcement, Laura Holmes, Product Manager said:

“We’ve been hard at work to help take the pain out of tagging for everyone. That’s why today, we’re announcing our first release of Google Tag Manager. We’re launching globally in English, and the product will soon be available in many other languages.”

But what exactly is tag manager used for, what can it do? Basically you use a snippet of code which is easily created in Google Tag manager and place it on your site. That snippet of code lets you manage tags on your site using Google Tag interface, whiteout having to change the code on your site or in some cases even hire professionals to do that for you, it becomes very easy to manage tags, remove old ones or add new ones.

Google Tag Manager snippet

Some of the features Google highlighted in their post include:

–          Asynchronous tag loading, which allows for fast loading time of the tags on your site, which in return improves the loading speed of the site itself.

–          Tag templates

–          Preview mode

–          Debug Console

–          Version History

In personal experience, companies can have a hard time implementing even the slightest of changes on their sites, as that requires permissions for top brasses and finding an It guy to do that if one is not employed. With tag manager my guess is that at least one part of the process will improve in speed.









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