Google Suggest and Google’s Index not Working Together

In the recent barrage of updates we have seen plenty of improvements in Google search results and the way Google presents them. Now with Google knowledge graph[1] and other updates that improved search quality like character handling[2] we are expecting greatness from search results, but is that too much to expect from Google?

We recently noticed an anomaly regarding character handling in the search, auto suggest does a great job at identifying the user’s intent, but Google’s index fails to provide results in some cases.

In some cases like when we search for “.” (full stop), Google provides the results we are looking for.The same goes for “,” (comma), “:” (colon), “;” (semicolon).

auto suggest and google results for full-stop character

In other cases like searching for infinity symbol or smiley, auto suggest function recognizes what we want, but Google results fail to provide anything at all.

search for infinity symbol in google

So why is Google encouraging users to complete their search by providing suggestions when those searches bring no results? What is the hold up between Google suggest and Google’s index? Are they not working together?

no google results for smiley symbol

Share your thoughts, we would really like to find out why Google auto suggest function works while there are no results.


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