Google+ Style Guide

A helpful guide on how to use Google+ elements professionally and in line with Google’s branding guidelines.

Announcing your personal or brand presence on Google+ is important but Google wants webmasters to stay consistent in the way they use their brand. Google+ is all about engagement (posts, comments, hangouts) and if you happen to capture attention of many followers while in breach of their branding guidelines you could potentially misrepresent Google+ brand and their trademarks.

Featuring Google+ on Your Website

Google+ provides an official version of the badge suitable for placement on blogs and websites. By using one you’ve already ensured that you comply within Google’s guidelines, given that there are no alterations and layout/display conflicts with your website. By placing the badge you’re also verifying the ownership of the website which is an additional helpful signal for Google.

The badge is a multi-functional unit which allows users to discover your Google+ page and +1 your website. They will also be able to share your website with their circles and see which of their friends have +1’d your website.


Adding the badge above fold of your website will certainly increase the interactions and help promote your brand in Google+. In addition to the “above the fold” tip, a good practice is to include your badge in the footer as well so users can find it even if they have scrolled all the way down.

Good news is that there is a variety of sizes and designs available to suit your taste and preference, from minimal to an elaborate variant.

To create your badge visit Google’s badge design and code generator, also known as the “badge configuration tool”.

google+ badge

Offline Use of Google+ Icons

Google encourages brands to promote their Google+ pages through offline media including magazines, newspapers, signage and television. The recommended format is the Google+ icon (left aligned) with the text on the right.

Recommended wording includes:

  • Follow us on Google+
  • Follow us on Google
  • Follow YouTube on Google+
  • Follow YouTube on Google
  • We’re on Google+


Approved Icon Variants

There are currently three approved icon variants approved for use with a business, brand, personal or other entity profile on Google+

google+ icons

For best results it’s recommended to use the official icon set in EPS format.

What’s Not Allowed?

Most brands do not allow free interpretation of the logo including, re-design, colour changes, distortion and background change. Same goes for Google+. Here are some examples of what they do not consider appropriate use of their logo:


Interestingly, Google+ is also advising against the use of their logo in any text or in context of a +1 button. They’re also quite particular about naming convention so statements like “we’re on g+” and “Google+ us” do not conform within their branding guidelines.

Same goes for the following:

  • Add us to your Google+ circles
  • Circle us on Google+
  • Find us on GooglePlus
  • Search Google+ for Android


Note: This article is a helpful interpretation of Google+ branding guidelines. You should download the official guide before implementing any of these guidelines within your business.

Dan Petrovic, the managing director of DEJAN, is Australia’s best-known name in the field of search engine optimisation. Dan is a web author, innovator and a highly regarded search industry event speaker.

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