Google Sitelinks Updated – New Options in GWT as Well

Google made a great improvement to our website’s sitelinks shown in the SERPs. From now on users will have a better view, better quality and more diverse results based on the search query, and there is also the possibility of removing the sitelinks you don’t want to show in the SERPs.

dejan seo sitelinks

So what are the changes made? As you can see in the image above, the sitelinks shown in the SERPs are way clearer and concise than they were before. There is greater visibility, now you have full sized text, a link and a partial description showing for each sitelink, and before we only had short links:

seomoz old sitelinks

Probably the greatest improvement to the sitelinks in the SERP is their flexibility, as stated on the Google webmaster blog[1]. Before we had a limited number of sitelinks that showed for any given query, mostly brand terms, now, we can see a difference in sitelinks based on a search query used. More relevant results will show as sitelinks based on the query, which should help the users find what they are looking for right from the start and hopefully decrease our bounce rate, but that also leads to more aggressive approach to landing page optimisation, luckily for us, we can see and control which pages show as sitelinks.

This leads us to the next update, demoting the links we don’t want to appear in the SERP. Google doesn’t guarantee that they will remove the links, but they mostly do, unfortunately you will have to demote the pages every 90 days. The next update we are hoping for from Google is the ability for the webmaster to suggest sitelinks to be shown using GWT.  In the past and now Google used their own ranking algorithm to determine which pages to show as sitelinks in the SERPs. SO one of the things you can do to have your pages included as sitelinks is to improve your link graph for those pages, internally and externally.

There are more information about sitelinks and how to use sitelinks in GWT[2]. This update will surely put more emphasis on the number one ranking result, so we can expect the 2nd, 3rd, or lower ranking websites for the same keyword to receive less clicks from the SERPs due to this update.


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