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Google is constantly innovating, and this can again be seen in Google Shopping, which has been launched in Australia very recently.


google shoppingIt will be another change to the Search Engine’s results pages (SERP’s), as users will now see shopping cart like results on their results page. It is a shopping aggregator with the familiar Google interface. This works particularly well for popular items where multiple retailers sell them – e.g. a specific MP3 player

How do I use Google Shopping?

Just enter the product name into the Search Engine as normal and then click on the left hand tab entitled ‘Shopping’ which switches it to the shopping mode – just as you would do if you wanted see images or news.

You will then see a list of all the stockists and their individual prices. A picture will be displayed, product information and also a link to the relevant retailer. There are even reviews as well.

Shopping has been revolutionised since the birth of the internet, and this extra tool by Google is just another example of how we as consumers have changed the way we shop.

Google Shopping is great because you can get numerous results from different retailers in just one search, saving users valuable research time.

google shopping results

How do I get my products into Google Shopping?

You need to sign into your Google Merchant account using your normal Google Account. From here you can submit an XML feed of your products which will be picked up and added to Google’s shopping index. It can take a few hours if you have a lot of products. You need to fill out certain criteria which include: ID, Title, Link, Price, Condition and Description. You can fill out the extra fields which include Colour, Photo URL, Shipping and Availability.

Once the products have been transferred into Google’s index, they are reviewed and made live on the Google Shopping Australia website for your customers to find.

If you get it right, you can ensure that when your products appear on Google Shopping, they are compelling enough to get consumers to click through and purchase.

Top tips to get your products found:

  • Be original and informative – you are competing with other companies with the same or similar products
  • Have a clear photo, preferably on a white background
  • Put relevant information first
  • Include part numbers if required
  • Add attributes – more detail (colour, size, compatibility) helps the search engine show more relevant products
  • Disclose shipping

Adwords benefits:

The Google Shopping listings makes it possible for Adwords advertisers to add product extensions to their ads. Product extensions allow advertisers to link their ads to product information feeds.

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