Google SERP Curve Ball – Test?

SERP Curveball Google’s latest curve ball in the SERPs with ‘Product Listing Ads‘ being tested!

So is what sort of impact this may have on the look of Serp’s and most importantly the impact to real world business, time will tell. My thoughts are, authentic retailers may well be a little bitter over this latest update pushing them towards Adwords spend and indeed Google Shopping vs focusing energy on organic efforts. This feature in testing pushes those organic listings way down below the fold (and then some) meaning that  for a business to gain some percentage of the traffic from searchers, they may well have to ‘play ball’ with PLA’s.

Clearly evident that some turbulence is happening still with the Google algorithm of late, as seen via Algoroo (following image) ever since the Penguin 2.0  update.

AlgorooNow Google is doing some further testing and tweaking around inclusion of  ‘Product listing Ads’ into the main body of SERP’s. Certainly shaking things up even more.

These sorts of ads have been around for a while and as they prove to be an effective call to action, it’s just now that Google is playing with the idea of taking over SERP real estate significantly with this new feature.

Initially shown in results  is the compacted version showing  five (5) listings.

Google Product Listing Ads

Click on the drop down arrow beneath them and you get sixteen (16) results!

Product Listing Ads - ExpandedStill in it’s test phase, this may become a part of the SERP landscape to stay. Time will tell as will the backlash or benefits to business.


PLA Test findings and example  images via

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