Google Sends 20,000 Hacked Website Notifications

Matt Cutts from Google has just announced that they have sent out 20,000 messages to owners of websites which may have been hacked.

As part of Google’s search quality efforts, strong communication with the webmaster community continues via numerous on-line channels. Google advises webmasters and website owners that Google Webmaster Tools remains the single most reliable channel of communication with the search engine.

The recent set of notifications was targeting websites which may have been hacked and demonstrating strange redirects.

Best way to keep an eye on the health of your website is to gain access to Google Webmaster Tools and verify your website, configure notifications and alerts to arrive to an email you regularly check. It’s important to detect website problems early in order to maintain customer trust and loyalty and keep your website in search engine results.

Websites which may contain malicious software, spam links or other undesirable elements are not welcome in Google’s index for example. A website which does not correct security issues in a timely manner may be removed from Google’s index in order to protect users from being exposed to malicious or spammy content.

Google Webmaster Tools

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